Augusta GGDA's First Meeting!

I finally got around to sending those emails I need to send, so the date, time and place is set. If you’re in a game developer or interested in making games in anyway, and are in the Augusta area (that is the metropolitan area known as Augusta), you should come! The event should be on the calendar sometime this week (should any changes occur), but I’ve set the meeting for Tuesday, September 14 from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM @ Village Deli Sub & Pub in Daniel Village Shopping Plaza off of Wrightsboro Road. It’s an informal affair, so feel free to eat while you’re there. We’ll meet and greet first, and also talk about SIEGE. I’ll have a more concrete idea of the agenda in the coming days.


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1 Response to Augusta GGDA's First Meeting!

  1. So the meet occurred, and 4 people showed up! There were two people for Paine College, one a professor (who had to leave early unfortunately), and the other was a student; one student from ASU, and one independent developer here in Augusta. It was definitely an informative meeting, people checking out the organization to make sure it is legit and worthwhile. Seems I was able to convince them that was the case! We’ll be meeting on ASU’s campus as that seems to be where most of the membership will come from (from ASU’s ACM chapter).

    Sadly, it looks like going to SIEGE this year is off the table for me.

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