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Github Pages and Submodules

So I had a slight problem with my personal page repo on Github. I had pushed a set of commits, which included a submodule (HTML5 Boilerplate). But the site wasn’t building. I contact Github support, and after two emails, the … Continue reading

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Adventures in Automation

I’m working on writing an automated build script for Belvedere, an automated file manager (it’s automation squared man). I’m writing it in AutoHotkey the language Belvedere is written in, mostly to avoid adding more buildĀ dependencies. It’s going okay so far. … Continue reading

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Extensions/Plugins are bad for development

You can also title this post “Browser Profiles are good for development”. In the site I’m working on I’ve got a form (several actually, but there’s only one in particular that’s causing me no end of trouble). Yesterday after converting … Continue reading

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Weird behavior in CodeIginiter

So, in the website I’m making for my dad, I’m using CodeIgniter as the application framework. It’s pretty nice in taking care of the stupid stuff I’d rather not think about, and extending the framework is super simple when you’ve … Continue reading

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Mockup of UGA Homepage

So on a whim, and as well as for practicing my web design chops, I decided to see if I could remake the UGA Home page using modern web design techniques, including a few CSS3 features. Layout wise, the current … Continue reading

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New theme by me is live.

I’ve done some minor changes to the theme I was using as the parent (Portfolio Press), and I just put them live on the site. Most notable are the color changes. I added blue accents in the header & footer, … Continue reading

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Use Task Coach

So, I tried out the whole todo.txt thing, and while I understand the argument for using a plain text format, using the CLI script is a pain in the ass. Things break all the time. I’m tired of trying to … Continue reading

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