Adventures in Automation

I’m working on writing an automated build script for Belvedere, an automated file manager (it’s automation squared man). I’m writing it in AutoHotkey the language Belvedere is written in, mostly to avoid adding more build dependencies. It’s going okay so far.

I did run into a small hitch just a while ago. The installer comes with a help file in .chm format. If you’ve ever used Windows, it’s those help systems with the indexes, links, and whatnot. Normally, you compile the file manually with Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, but that defeat the whole purpose of AUTOMATED build script. I was going to ask a question on Stackoverflow, after some seaching across the ‘nets, when I decided to go exploring the HTML Help directory. Lo, and behold, I find the standalone compiler, hhc.exe. I know Microsoft’s a little notorious for leaving out important information, but I could have saved myself some time.

Onward to the next step!

EDIT: NOPE! I’m wrong. hhc.exe is not the compiler (I think it’s the decompilier). UGH!

EDIT 2: Yes, it is the compiler. I should go to bed now. Expect to see a fully integreated automated build script later today. Yay!

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