Extensions/Plugins are bad for development

You can also title this post “Browser Profiles are good for development”.

In the site I’m working on I’ve got a form (several actually, but there’s only one in particular that’s causing me no end of trouble). Yesterday after converting a single input field of type=”time” (since a. the output isn’t exactly super helpful and b. that input type isn’t supported in every modern browser very well) to three separate fields (two numbers and a select field for am/pm). After working out some kinks, the form supposedly still works.

Then Chrome decides to be a bitch and suddenly I can’t submit the form. at all. Nothing happens when clicking the submit button. Nothing happens when I hit enter when a field has focus. Nothing HAPPENS. What’s weird is this form is essentially the exact same form used to edit the data as well, but that form works fine… in Chrome. My guess is some extension decided to fuck up, and as I can’t be bothered to waste more time trying to find the damn culprit, I move on to using Firefox.

OH, but you see, that would be expect too much for things to work completely as I think I should. So the form for adding the information works fine in Firefox. BUT when I load up the information for editing, two select dropdowns display the incorrect value… despite being selected correctly in the the viewable source!? WTF!? Right?

Thankfully Firefox has profile management, and I load up a clean profile to test things out. Things work as they should so I’m assuming an addon is the culprit.

Anyway, lesson learned. And the Chrome team needs to add profile management like firefox does soon. (On  another note, supposedly Firefox will drop its native profile manager in the next version or so…why?)


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