Mockup of UGA Homepage

So on a whim, and as well as for practicing my web design chops, I decided to see if I could remake the UGA Home page using modern web design techniques, including a few CSS3 features.

Layout wise, the current site uses table based layout. My guess is they haven’t been able to afford a decent web designer to update the design. As far as the design goes, it’s actually not that bad. There aren’t extraneous features on the page and it is fairly clean, with a consistent color scheme based off the institution’s colors (red, black, and white). The implementation however is bloated, and as previously mentioned, uses a table for layout. Tables are meant for displaying tabular data folks. Well, I shouldn’t judge too much, I was guilty of such a “crime” only a few years back when I made the website for Thalians.

In bringing the design implementation up-to-date, I’ve learned a few interesting things. Namely, and surprisingly, Opera borks the layout, while IE9 does not. IE9 officially released this week, is Microsoft’s most standard’s complaint and modern browser to date, even having support for some features of HTML5 and CSS3. Sadly, they don’t support a few of my favorite properties like text-shadow, gradient, and a few others.

There are still a few issues with this mockup, but I think it’s a nice first effort for honing my skills.

UGA Homepage Mockup

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