Ludum Dare 18! Augusta GGDA

I decided to enter Ludum Dare, a tri-annual game making event. This particular time, aside from their usual 48 hour solo competition, they’ve opened up a more causual 72-hour game jam.

I attempted to make something for the compo, as I don’t know any game developers in the Augusta area yet, but I spent all of yesterday failing to put together a workable platformer engine. I decided to scrap that and make a beat-em-up. I’ll probably have something workable for the compo deadline, but I might just skip it and submit something tomorrow.

In other news, I’ve been appointed by the GGDA President as Chapter President for Augusta. I’ll be contact local universities soon (this week, tomorrow), and hopefully we’ll have our first meeting by mid September. While, I’m probably a bit young and inexperienced for the position, I’ll do my best to help build a community of game developers in my hometown. Assuming there are any besides me 😛

On the off chance some reads this, lives in Augusta, and wants to/does make games, please get in contact with me. As soon as I know how to get it up, the chapter website will be the source of news for our chapter.


About imaginationac

I make things with computers.
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