Jobs and School

I have been seriously slacking on a lot of things lately. I seriously need to cancel my Netflix subscription. Anyway, I applied for a couple of freelance jobs today. One was very vague and for very little play, so hopefully it’s something really simple. The other is really simple. Doable within an hour, and the budget that was set aside was a bit much compared to the difficulty to the task. As I have no reputation with the particular freelancing service I was using, I made a fairly low bid with the hopes of making myself attractive. I don’t need business more than I need money right now. I also applied to all the local GameStops. I have no idea if they have open positions but I might as well apply and hope.

I’ll be going back to school soon enough, assuming I can get my affairs in order. UGA’s charged me post-graduation for HOPE. Not sure how that happened, but I can’t afford to pay it off right now. I’m going to apply for FAFSA and then look into transferring to Augusta State University. Moving is too costly at this point, plus this way I can still participate in the local GGDA chapter!

There’s about 11 days left in September, I haven’t decide what I want to make game-wise. I’m still leaning towards making a short action-RPG. I had an idea to make it mission-based, where you can only take one weapon and use one skill, but could change which you used beforehand. Rewards would be better weapons and skills. I expect to be fun it would have to be more action than RPG i.e. not dependent on random number generation.


About imaginationac

I make things with computers.
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