Screwups Already

Yeah so I don’t understand how to use Subversion and clients for Subversion. I broke the repository for the Minesweeper project I was working on. I can no longer commit, and I have no idea how to fix it…fun. Easiest thing to do would be to get an older revision and just work offline until I figure out how to fix the mess I made.

In other news, I attended a really fun workshop with SEÁN CURRAN who was a original cast member of STOMP. It reminded me that I still have no rhythm. No, but seriously, this is why I go to college. To do neat s*** like this. Sadly I could not see his dance troupe perform because I had to work.

I started working again yesterday. Same ol’, same ol’. Easy job because literally had 1 person ask for my help inside the lab It is early in the semester.

I’ve been getting back into web development just a little bit. I learned about .htaccess and .htpasswd and it just blew my mind! I also started using Microsoft Expression Web 2 and it is a very nice web IDE. Best part is I got it for free (and legally!).

I want to make a game. With something. Maybe with someone as well. Don’t know what though. I tempted to let go of Java not just because of my mishap, but just to explore other languages a little. I have to learn C++ anyway.


About imaginationac

I make things with computers.
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