Nano Chapter 1 Done

“Okay, I’ll count to 100, Yellow, and you go find a place to hide. 1, 2, 3…” I could hear Yellow’s footsteps falling at a fast pace. “…4, 5, 6, 7…”

“100!” A few fellow late-night shopers were staring at me, with that are-you-crazy look. I just smiled sheepishly. The hunt was on. I started in the clothing section, womens, and moved to the mens, and then boy, and the girls. Not in the usual places. Next was the hardware department, no such luck. I moved on grocery, but Yellow was nowhere in sight. Hmm.. She’s good at this, I thought. Just as  I was about to give up, I forgot that I hadn’t check the electronics department. Even if I couldn’t find her, I could check out the newest video game demos. I headed over there double time.

I took a cursory glance around and found no one in sight, not even a cashier. Guess they were busy. I took a look at the demo stations, two of them were off, but the last one at the back of the store was on. I couldn’t make out what was on the screen from where I was standing, so I moved closer.


Apparently, there was a loose connection or the demo system wasn’t turned on yet. I shrugged my shoulders, and started to turn around. Right then, I caught a glimpse of something on the TV screen. I turned back around, but nothing was there, just static. Must be my imagination. Still, my curiosity was growing and wouldn’t let go of me. I edge closer to the screen, certain there was something there. My face was practially press up against the glass. I blinked. It was just my reflection. I sighed. I must be getting tired. I took one last look at the sceen when…

My reflection was gone! It was odd, because I could clearly see the rest of my surroundings in the reflection, but I wasn’t there. The freaky Wal-Mart strikes again. I was about to turn to leave, but my feet wouldn’t pick up. In fact, I felt very stiff at the moment. I could feel a breeze, and it was warm. I tried to look around to see where it was coming from, but my head couldn’t move.

I was paralyzed! No, more like petrified!

I tried to call out for help, but I couldn’t open my mouth, or move my tongue. It’s like I suddenly forgot how to make noise! I kept staring at the TV screen hoping that I would break out of this trance or someone would come find me. I just wanted something to happen.

I would immediately regret that wish.

Suddenly all the lights went off. All of them except from the white noise eminating from the TV screen. I was still petrified, but slowly, I could make out a picture on the screen. It was a feather, a white feather. It looked familiar…

It was very similar to the one I saw on vision I had on the elevator!

Suddenly, the breeze became a roar, and the heat was very intense. But I could move now! Still, I kept my eyes fixed on the picture in front of me. The feather looked like it was real like, I could just grab it with my hand. I reached forward and…

Grabbed it!

The breezed immedietly died. I could feel my heartbeat normalizing. I just waiting for the lights to come back on, when the entire space was flooded with an intense bright white light. It was too much. I fainted.

Note: I’m having way too much fun with this; I have some ideas of where I actually want this to go, but I’m just keeping them in mind at the moment. The style of writing spontaneously, on the fly is much different that what I’m used to doing, but it is a very liberating way to write.


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