NaNo Chapter 1 cont’

Holy comolly!


So, we get on the elevator, just Yellow and me. We’re on the 7th floor, so I push the button for the 1st. The door closes. We start to descend. I get that familiar sinking feeling. The floor indicator counts down: 6…5…4…3…2…

Then suddenly, the elevator jerks to a halt, and the lights go out.

No one screams. This happens all the time. This dorm we live in is old and crappy, and with the state-wide budget cuts, things that should get repaired or replaced don’t…but I digress.

What is odd though, is the emergency light doesn’t turn on. After a few minutes of silence, I decide to say something.

“Are you still there Yellow?” I wait for her response. Nothing. “Hello? Yellow, quit playing around. If I have to grope around in the dark and I cop a feel, don’t blame me.” Still no response, and I thought that was pretty funny. My breathing starts to become ragged at this point. I’m slightly claustrophobic, and the darkness and silence are not doing anything to aliviate the tension.

Slowly, the emergency lights begin to strobe. They strobe faster and faster and somehow seem to be getting brigheter. The intensity hurts my eyes, but I chance a look around, Yellow seems to be nowhere in sight. Then, the lights cut off again.

Just as I’m about to totally piss my pajamas (cause that’s what I’m wearing), a bright intense light floods the area. The light seems to eminating from an impossibly far off distance, as though I’m no longer standing in elevator. I squint my eyes adjusting to the light, and I can barely make out a figure approacing me. It seems to be gliding on air, but all I can see is it’s siloute. Finally its right in front of me and hands me a feather. Just as about to ask it what it is for, th lights go back out and then i feel a jolt. The lights turn back on.


“We’re here. 1st floor!” Yellow exclaims.

I’m utterly bewildered. I can’t seem to remember what just happened, but something doesn’t feel right.

“Hey, BLue? You alright?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah” I shrug off the feeling. “Come on, let’s go buy pillows!”

The ride to wal-mart was uneventful. They shoudl have Facebook events for cardrives or something.

Anyway, we get to wal-mart. Now, I should probably preface this trip by stating that this was no ordinary wal-mart, not only in the sens that this was a super-walmart, but that…well, strange shit happens here all the time. I’m not talking about odd crimes, or crazy promotions, or stuff like that. I’m talking paranormal, x-files, outer-limits, possibliy cuthulu-induced stuff.
No one knows why, though there is a question as to why it’s a walmart of all places.

So why would I shop at the walmart from outerspace/astral plane? It’s the closest thing to being in a video game. That’s why. That and, in this hick town there isn’t any other place that’s open 24/7 that seels pillows. But mostly livign a real life video games.

The tiem is around 11 pm, so it’s late(ish). Not college student late, but you know, it’s about to be the next day. Wal-mart employees are at a minimum, and there’s a bunch of crates blocking easy access to aisles because of inventory managament. Lots of neat hiding places, though.

That’s right. It was time for a game of hide and go seek, bitches!

Note: Still not done with this chapter, I’m probably going to end it with some big event at Wal-Mart. I think I’m going to try writing after breakfast, as my pace right now is horrible! Still, having loads of fun just getting what comes out of my head. I’ve switched over to writing in Dark Room. No need to worry about formatting or distractions. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.


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