Minor update on Divide

So I remembered that I originally set out to make a simple action RPG, so while the premise I’ve written for Divide is interesting I’m going to reserve any story for a later iteration of the basic engine/game I make.

My goal for this project is to make an an action RPG based on getting better loot. There won’t be cosmetic changes to the avatar to reflect this as this would increase the amount of work I would have to do, but it may happen later.

With the help of a poster of the FlashPunk forums (Noel Berry), I was able to figure out why player movement code was acting weird. FlashPunk has two coordinates spaces: the screen (which represented as the camera) and the world. When using the the Input class to update, coordinates are from the screen. Using the FP class, there is a static World variable called world which coresponds to the world coordiantes. Problem solved!

I’m thinking I’ll tackle some sort of interaction next, either with NPCs or monsters, or see if I can wrap my head around predictive collision detection. I’ll be reading this article for guidance.


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