Working in Game Maker again.

I got an install of Ubuntu 10.10 up for development, but there are just certain things I miss from using Windows 7. Namely, the ability to rapidly prototype in Game Maker. I’m working on procedurally generating levels, and got as far as generating a randomly sized box room with a entrance placed on in the middle(ish) of a randomly chosen wall. Next I’ll be adding corridors, and then putting the two together. I’m also looking into using a few other algorithms I’ve read about on the net. This one from Chevy Ray Johnston comes to mind.

GGDA meeting for October looks to be very social than anything. Thomas Beckenhaur, president of Augusta State University’s Association for Computer Machinery chapter has been coordinating with me for a while and he’s been a big help getting the word out and finding a location.

Unity 3 came out this week (today I think). I haven’t been able to test it out because their licensing servers seem to be down.


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