"How goes the hunt?" "It does not a fare well. Something is scaring all the game away."

This is an imaginary quote I’m using as a metaphor to describe how my job hunting has gone lately. It seem everytime I seem to find something I would be okay doing, I falls through my grasp for some reason.

I think it would be prudent for me to just go ahead and finish my second degree. Doesn’t matter it would probably put me into about $10,000 in additional debt. I think it would pay off in the long run.

But It wouldn’t be smart to rush into this. So, I’m setting a deadline to decide this when I go visit my parents this weekend. I need to offload some of my junk to make moving out easier.

The camp I’ve been helping out at is interesting to say the least. For the most part, it seems most of these kids have terrible focus, so who knows if they’ll even get to a playable prototype. Still, a few of them have actually picked up interest in new skills. I’ve taught a kid basic object manipulation in Unity, and there’s a kid who is already a fairly talented artist (has his sights set on going to SCAD). There’s two more days left in the camp, so I’ll be over there for then and for the final presentations of Friday.

I was offered a freelance job, but I didn’t qualify because I won’t be a student at the time they’ll need me. I passed on the info to a friend of mine who passed it off to her boyfriend who is definitely qualified, both technically and student-status wise.

I also heard about an awesome job while easedropping on the Dramatic Media grads and Mike Hussey, a professor in the department, who I consider my mentor. Unfortunately, this is a graduate assistantship, but I’m going to drop the client an email anyway and test me luck. You never know.

I also heard from a friend of my sister’s that a Georgia game studio based in Atlanta has internships available. I should inquire about that as well.

There are also three(ish) grant projects that I could possibly be brought in on, but they wouldn’t start until late fall, early winter.

So, nothing is waiting immediately on the horizon, but I still think I’ll fair well post-graduation.


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I make things with computers.
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