Development is slow. I am way in over my head.

So I wanted to add in basic movement in Open Animal Crossing (OAC). I already had the mesh translating properly, but I wanted the mesh to face the direction it was moving in. Turns out to be harder than I thought it would be. I tried looking at the 3rd Person Controller script from Unity’s 3rd Person Platformer game, but even after tying to cut out a lot of the extraneous code, I wasn’t able to get the result I wanted. There doesn’t seem to be an exact example of what I want either. I found a solution that was very close on Unity Answers, but I couldn’t get it to make sense. Still I’ve only been at it for about two hours, so I won’t count myself out just yet.

I have a short video I’ve upload on YouTube of the “progress” I’ve made so far.

I just solved it! Yay! I won’t bother uploading a new video until I do something more interesting. Animation perhaps?

Anyway, you can transform objects relative to themselves as well as the world. I just had to specify using world space. Something to look out for from now on.


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