Awesome Summer of Games!

There is a lot of good stuff coming out of the pipeline and already here from various companies. I’ve already talked about the stuff I liked that I saw or read about E3 this year, so instead I’ll talk about what I’ve doing gaming wise.

I’m in the Closed Beta of Lego Universe. I can’t say more than that I like it because of the non-disclosure agreement, but if you have the opportunity, join the beta while you can.

I had a pretty awesome time playing games at my friend Jef’s place. Played Modern Warfare, Gears 2, Tetris, and Castle Crashers. I was also a little drunk, so there’s that.

I bought a few games on Steam. Mass Effect 2 and Trine. Steam was having an EA sale last week, and ME 2 was like 25% off, so I had to buy it. And this week, there’s a sale on Indie games, Trine was $4 so I had to get that too (it was between that or the Overlord pack). If you haven’t picked up Trine by now, you should get it. The one day reduction for it is over, but it’s still should be fairly discounted along with a whole lot of other titles. The entire sale ends July 4.

Unlike last summer where I bought every current gen console available, I’m going to save my money and settle on getting one a year, or at least buying when I can reasonably afford to. I’m pretty set on getting a 360. I can’t decide if I should save my money and by a refurbished Elite or Pro unit (I need that HDMI output and harddrive) or go ahead and buy the new slim model. Either way, I’m waiting a while until some things get sorted out.

I start my final undergrad class a week from today.

No more work towards Open Animal Crossing this week. I was busy working on presentation material for this weeks NIH-SEPA meeting. We had a guest from NIH visit us personally. He liked what he saw, and had pretty good sense of humor too. I decided to stop worrying getting my render in Maya and instead to finish detailing and texturing in ZBrush. Hopefully, Apple will release a new line of Mac Pros this summer, but I’m not confident that they will. They are going to announce something on the 28th, could be big, could be nothing.


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