Software sucks so much…so why do I want to make games again?

Slight rant, a few apps have been giving me lip lately. Unity, the mostly awesome free 3D development environment/engine/thing of gods was complaining about GetButton not being a member of the Input class, even though it is. I thought maybe I was just being stupid in my simple less than 10 line script, so I loaded one of the scripts that came with the Standard Assets. Nope Unity felt the need to bitch unnecessarily yet again. So, Unity, you can SUCK IT!

That was last night and very early this morning. Today I’ve been cruising through the MEL script I’ve been working on for my job, something I actually get paid for, ya know? All’s going well. Each new procedure (aka function, subroutine, aka block of code that does something and that can be called later) was written and tested incrementally like a good programmer should. I finally get near the end to the most important part and I come across a little caveat. See, the idiot who designed MEL decided that passing variables to attribute indexes was stupid. Because being smart and flexible was just to har for him/her/them to do. So I’m pretty much stuck until I find a solution or workaround. THANKS AUTODESK YOU ARE MADE OF SO MUCH WIN! WAIT NO YOU’RE NOT!

Okay…rant over.

In other news, my new monitor comes in tomorrow (hopefully). There’s an additional 6 inches of screen space diagonally (technically…I’m moving from a 4:3 aspect to a widescreen). That extra space should help out much, though I’m kinda of hoping I’ll be able to dual monitor my desktop with my current card.


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