New portfolio and some work

I made a new portfolio with Deviant Art Portfolio. See it here: DA Portfolio.

I finished the color map for the boy. I had to go back, make the arms and legs divided into more polygons as they were not deforming properly. Also, it makes more sense to have the meshes not parented to each other sense they were already separate objects. The rig now works much better, and hopefully this will be the final one.

There’s a chance I’m going to add accessories to the character, like a back pack and headphones, but I’ve got work on scanning the concept art I have for that particular design.

My next steps are:

  1. Adjust the weights of the bones
  2. Decide which poses I’ll need
  3. Animate them
  4. Test them out in Unity.
  5. Do the same with the girl.

Hopefully, I can get this done for the boy by the end of the week.


About imaginationac

I make things with computers.
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