Rally at the Capital!

On Monday March 15th, students, faculty, and various other supporters of institutions of the University System of Georgia will be rallying at the capital in support of more tenable changes to the budget cuts proposed. UGA students should go the SGA website to sign up for transportation (via buses). This will mean missing out on classes (as classes can’t be OFFICIALLY cancelled for the rally). I’ve signed up and am planning to attend. I suggest everyone who can afford to follow suit. I may be graduating in May, but it will still be my future as well as those to come that is at stake. Stand and deliver your voice to the legislature!

Okay, now that I’ve had my spiel on that, it’s time to get a bet more personal. In trying to gear up for finding employment post-graduation (as finding a part-time job now seems to be IMPOSSIBLE), I’ve come across a few hitches here and there. Had my phone interview with Teach for America. I’m working on making a portfolio website, using the MyWeb space provided by UGA. So far I don’t have anything to show, so I’m going about creating my reel. While I don’t really want to show off my student work (you’ll see for yourself why), it’s all I have right now. I wanted to go back and improve some of my work, but I can’t open one of the earlier Maya files unfortunately. The focus is going to be on animation, so expect untextured, default lit, and single pass renders. I just discovered the Trax editor in Maya (don’t know if it’s available in 2008 and 2009), so non-linear editing is actually possible without any other software. Still will be using After Effects though.
Okay, that’s enough for an update…I think, yes?

About imaginationac

I make things with computers.
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