Game Maker Progress Day 2

So I found out why I couldn’t see any text yesterday. The text color was blending with the background, so I changed it to “c_yellow” and it was visible. I found out that the variables hspeed and vspeed are not actually dependent on how fast an object is moving, at least with my current control method. So I’m going to have to write that first.

EDIT(7:05 PM): Got movement code rewritten and shooting works pretty much the way I want it. Now all I have to do is handle the case where a bullet is fired and the player is stationary. Basically I need to have the last direction the player moved known.

Half debating using a driving movement system instead. This make the player rotate, and I’ve never messed around with rotation.

Tried a rotational movement system, works except that the sprite does not rotate. Gonna have to figure that out. That’s the last thing I need. I’ve already got the firing system up and working (to refine later of course).

Yeah, so I’ve got everything fixed! I’ve even added collision event for all relative objects. Who knew that the built in debugger was so useful?


  1. Restrict movement of the player to the viewport
  2. Add enemy spwaning
  3. Add enemy movement (torwards the player)
  4. Add scoring.
  5. Make it FANCY!

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