One more to go…

I was fortunate enough not to screw up this semester. I actually got more A’s than B’s this time, and surprisingly, nothing lower than a B. My various projects had varying levels of success.

The play I directed for class went remarkably well. There were a few mishaps here and there, but I was pleasantly surprised. The other plays were fairly enjoyable as well.

Animation 3 was a mess. Issues with the software and sudden pace of the last few weeks left me with submitting a unfinished final. I still earned an A somehow. I’ll just say I have never hated whales as much as I have until now.

The project for Senior Seminar did not progress as far as I would like it to have. I got as far as creating basic geometry for the two characters in the game. There is no texturing, no animation, no rigging, no level design, no game prototyping, no storyboarding done at all. That said, I did come up with solid designs for my characters, and found modeling less cumbersome than I normally tend to. There were still issues when I attempted to render turntable views of them. My computer shut off because it overheats like the sun. And transferring the files to the lab in the Fine Arts Building cause them to lose the quality I need using the render I was using. I though it was a version incompatibility since I use Maya 2010 on my computer, and the labs only have 2008 and 2009. Sucked balls, because I wanted to add material for my reel, that has nothing on it. BOO!

Anyway, tomorrow’s Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus! Everyone have a good break and all that.


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I make things with computers.
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