New Concept: LOVE!

So, after watching a few romantic comedies (Honey and Clover, Wall-E, and Up) recently, I’ve gotten a bit of inspiration for an animation/game idea.

There are two characters, a boy and a girl. They’re complete strangers, who don’t even live in the vicinity of each other. Both are looking for love, and decide to write a love letter to no one in particular. After writing it, they send it off in the mail. That’s the bare bones premise. I’ve been having this music video going on in my head for the past few days on how I want the animation and song to go.

I just came up with a basic sketch for the boy that I actually like, so I’ll be working on the girl next.

The concept I have for the game is that it requires two players simultaneously. They write what they want to say to whoever is out there, and then the game consists of them trying to mail it off. On the way, a number of exceedingly large obstacles gets in their way. There could also be some sort of social matchmaking going on. Like matching interests in the letters, and matching players? And if they players find each other in the game, it’s a bigger bonus.


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