DRAM 5600 Callbacks, Progress in Senior Seminar

Boy did I pick work busy classes this semester! Usually I’m overloaded because I’ve gotten behind on my reading. This is a non-issue this semester as the reading is very light in only two of them. Instead, it’s all about making things happen, whether it’s putting on a play or conceptualizing an animation from start to finish.

This week the students in Play Direction are to finalize our casting choices. We’re supposed to hold callbacks and unless I’m mistaken, be done by class on WEDNESDAY!

I haven’t heard back from everybody I want to see, and so far it’s a bit rough. Things should turn out fine, though.

Finished the pumpkin project in Animation 3, finally. I wanted to go back and revise the lip syncing as well as put in a background, but time constraints and all that. I also came up with the idea to make LocoRoco pumpkins. By the time I finish, it’ll be way out of season, but I like the idea anyway.

As for my Senior Seminar project, it’s…stalled. I haven’t concepted any art yet, so I have no idea how my main character looks like. I should probably get on that soon.

In other news, Eurydice is opening this week.


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