Senior Seminar Project

Theatre majors at UGA are required to take & pass Senior Seminar in order to graduate. I am now a senior, and am taking said course. We’re required to have a final project, something that somehow will help us on our way into the real world (hopefully). I decided to create a demo reel, based on a concept (which I still have to come up with) and possibly make a short (very SHORT) film.

To prepare, I’ve been reading (always a good thing), and buying things I might need. I’ve already got the Autodesk Education Suite, so now I can do my modeling, animation, and rendering at home. My tablet should come in today (yay), so that’s another way I can do things. Just wish I could draw well.

I got the Adobe CS4 Production Suite Education Edition yesterday, but lo-and-behold, I have to go through a convoluted process to verify my identity as a student, even though I already had to do that to buy it from an education story for the discount (huge discount by the way). I wouldn’t be royally pissed if I could just use my student ID but UGA DOESN’T date their IDs! That’s the only thing that’s missing! So, I have to request a transcript since I don’t have my last report card. But even that’s not easy. I have to pay $2 for it, but the online request through OASIS doesn’t accept credit cards at this time. Like it’ll matter anyway, because they probably won’t accept Visa.

Isn’t life grand?



About imaginationac

I make things with computers.
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