So, I’ve been swamped (heh, that’s one of my lines from the show), and may have neglected to mention that I’m well into the second week of shows for Museum by Tina Howe, produced by University Theatre in the Cellar Theatre in the Fine Arts Building at the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!). I play Mr. Salt, First Guard, and Mr. Moe. It’s a funny play to be in, and even funnier to watch. There’s a lot of talent at work, and I’m blessed to have been part of this experience.

For those interested, the show runs from tonight through Saturday @ 8:00, and on Sunday @ 2:30. Tickets cost $12 for students, and $15 for everyone else. I know it’s steep considering the economy and all, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

In other news, besides being perpetually behind on reading and worried about failing this semester, I preparing for Upper Division Acting Juried Auditions and the GTC Screening Auditions. The Juried Auditions are next week, and I’m not too worried (but still worried just the same), and the GTC Screenings occur during the conference. I haven’t gotten my number yet so I don’t know what date I’ll be going.

All programming is pretty much on hold. Stinks because I was almost done.


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