Programming Update, Day 2

I have seemingly fixed all the bugs that existed in my Minesweeper game. I haven’t done thorough testing though. I also haven’t implemented custom game parameters. All you can do is play an easy, medium, or hard board. After adding the custom parameters, I’ll be starting on the GUI.

I was debating on whether I should start optimizing the code now, but I’ll put it on hold since the projects is relatively simple (I’ll only have 3 files total and I expect less than 2000 lines of code). Still my main concern would be cutting down the recursive routine. Currently it rechecks already uncovered cells. This probably isn’t a problem for any computer capable of using the baseline JRE (1.4 I beleive), but it doesn’t hurt to start practicing.

I’ve already have in mind what my next project will be: a Pong clone. The reason I want to make a pong clone is so I can get the handle on drawing APIs, simple maths, collision detection, key-press input, and very rudimentary AI.


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