New Card…so far not working as expected

So I won a bid on eBay for an NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS (which happens to be highest end card I could get without upgrading any of my other hardware) for pretty cheap. I was pretty happy, but had some worries about getting it (first I had accidentally paid twice for it, and I had it shipped to my old dorm address instead of my home), but it came in the mail today, shiny and new!

Unfortantely, I can’t play any games with it right now. At least any games that use 3D acceleration. Yeah as soon as the 3D engine of a game starts, my PC crashes or hangs…on the bright side Vista’s Aero effects are now extremely smooth and fast. Yay for Flip 3D.

I’ve left a post on the NVIDIA forums hoping for some help. The manufacturer of the card, Axle3D doesn’t have any apparent support on their website. They’re not even listed as one of the manafucturers on NVIDIA’s website, which makes me more weary…I just want to play Oblivion!


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